are you even thining about how could you continue your fanfics? :/

yes but it is hard cus I have no ispiration at all

Hi, I just found your blog and decided to take a look on your fanfics. You have to start writing Strangers asap! The plot seems soooooo good and I'd love to read it :)
baeurk ASKED

HI :) I have written 8 chapters of Strangers, I wrote them a year ago. I am not sure how to continue from there though but I will post the 8 chapters soon


or atleast I think its good news

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I know…I haven’t updated like I told too. I just have a lot  of going on right now. Trying to get a job, gonna start train, spending time on my friend, and I’ve been really depressed lately. But the main reason is school……as soon as tha slows down I will try to write.

Also been thinking I should write some chapter first so you guys don’t have to wait so long

UPLOAD YOUR FANFICS! you say that youll upload the next day but you never do. ):

Hi! I am trying. School is just really taking over :((

I just read all of your fanfics! (Even strangers) and you need to keep writing! I love your fanfics! You need to update asap

aw thank you, maybe I’ll upload tonight!! x

Hi, I can't read strangers. Think it s 'cause you havn't written anything yet. It looks like a great story. The idea at least... please update it :D

I just haven’t put the chapters up on this page but you can read it here

I’m not gonna write it for a while though since I’m writing PWF first :)

you have to write more on playing with fire! Love it!
maudisch ASKED

I think I’m gonna write a chapter tomorrow :)

Hhaha i was too exited when i said to you what i tought about the fanfic...But its so true! OMG i want to see whats going to happen seriously update it please! (:

maybe tomorrow if I have the time

OMG! seriously you are such an amazayn writer!! i love playing with fire i started to read it OMG i want the next chapter please do the next chapter omg! i loved it there n words to say how much i loved it seriously i love the fanfic please keep writing OMG ITS PERFECT

aw omfg thank you

you are too adorable x